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Full Version: Tab menu displaying on the wrong side
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I am trying to make a custom theme from the default MyBB.
[Image: vMHQ8XM.png]
When I replaced the default menu tab the menu that are in the box were under the logo which is not the correct position. Could anyone help me get the tab menu above the search bar area? is my site.
above given url is not working for me.
updated the url. Sorry for that!
^ not sure what you have updated. url is not working for me.
^ for the required default menu display, menu links code segment should be after logo code in the header template.
at present you have it at the bottom of the header template. also style needs adjustments
[Image: wbTQWJL.png]

How do I remove the annoying black line?
^ remove border-bottom used for #logo in the global.css of the theme
Thank you so much for the support! Smile