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Full Version: Group Prefix
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i want a Group Prefix in form from a Tag like this:
[Image: Dvr2JQvJ.PNG]
The Administrator under the stars. How i can changed that?
In my Form look it likes this:
[Image: EZPy13fY.PNG]

Pls help me

those images are known as Group Images or Rank Images or Group Badges ..
you can search for them at the plugins section

see group images - basic guidance
(it should be helpful though it was provided for an old version of MyBB)
Oh there was a field with that Group Image -.- sry
But thanks.
I have a last question. In the Grouptitels stay this: (Administrator)
How i can delete the () that there only stay Administrator?
to remove that parenthesis (bracket) on the member profile, navigate to below location

forum admin panel >> Templates & Style >> Templates >> your theme templates >>
Member Templates >> member_profile

find ({$usertitle}) and remove ( and ) - i.e. change to {$usertitle} and save the template.

see also MyBB Templates system
Thanks the ticket can be closed. Thanks for your support.