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Full Version: Display Thread Author (First Poster) Avatar on Index
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Trying to incorporate this with the Recent Threads plugin, it displays the last poster for posts, but not the author avatar for threads. The only tutorials I've found on this are from 2013 and 2011 which use plugins and scripts for 1.6. If someone could find an updated way to do this I would greatly appreciate it.
try this ->

demo see my board, in my signature
(05-14-2016, 01:58 AM)call911 Wrote: [ -> ]try this ->

demo see my board, in my signature

Hmm, that's the plugin I'm using. I see it's working for you, I guess it may be something with my forum, but it's not displaying the thread author avatar.

Edit: To clarify {$posteravatar} isn't displaying anything
can i know your forum url?
you must download the last plugin release in #2 post
Wow.. I didn't have author avatar enabled in the plugin settings. Thanks for your help anyways and good luck with your forum, looks good. Smile