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Full Version: Migrate to other host, cant login?
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I upload my old forum to new host via FTP, i change all in config.php.

My forum is on but problem is i first install fresh MyBB forum with diferent username and password.
Then i delete that forum and i upload my old forum and how i say my forum is on.
But when i whant to login, i get this "if you dont whant waith......." like all is ok then turn me back to login page.
In ACP i can login but when i push whatever turn me on login page for ACP.

So what i need to change to login and use my forum on new host?
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Do this

cookie domain can be & cookie path can be  /forum/ 

first change them in ~/inc/settings.php file 
then you should be able to log into forum admin panel & put correct cookie settings 
admin panel >> configuration (settings) >> site details 

cookie related guidance
I did all but i forgot to change ./inc/settings.php is CHMOD to 666.


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