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Full Version: Can't Post Threads or Replies
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Whenever I try to post a new thread or add a reply to an existing thread I get the following error:

1364 - Field 'agree_usernames' doesn't have a default value

I'm not sure how to fix this. Thanks in advance! Smile
List all of your active plugins.
Alright, here's my active plugins:

Select All In Code's (1.0)
Simple Audito Video Embeder (2.0)
Activate Users from Mod CP (1.0)
Add Forum Options (1.0)
Avatars in Thread Listing (1.0)
Apply Thread Icon (1.0)
Apply Thread Prefix (1.0)
Shows Avatar on Threadlist and Forumlist (2.8.1)
Dynamisches Banner (1.2)
Close Thread At Reply Count (1.0)
Komunikator (1.0)
Country Flag (1.1.1)
MyBB Default Avatar Fix (0.1)
Display Usernames / Nicks Plugin (1.10)
Disposable Email Blacklist (1.1)
Edit Reputatuin Comment (1.0)
FASTyle (1.3)
First Post/PM Preview (1.2)
Last/First Post Avatar (1.0.2)
Google SEO (1.6.8)
Memberships in Profile (1.0)
MyBB Highslide (5.0)
Highslide image viewer-resizer.
At Home Polls (2.2)
Hooks (1.5)
HTML in Posts (1.7)
Email Admin on Registration (1.0)
ABP Imgur Uploader (1.1)
Live Threads (0.8.1)
LockOldThreads (1.0)
Mark Edited as Unread (1.0.1)
MentionMe (2.3)
MinifyHTML (1.4)
Forum Age (1.0)
MyAlerts (2.0.2)
MyForumIcons (1.00)
MyProfile (1.2)
MyCode: [spoiler] (1.2)
Newsletter (1.1.1)
Show the users that has been online today (2.0) 
OUGC Forum Logo (1.8.1)
OUGC Profile Activity (1.0)
OUGC Show Avatar (2.1)
OUGC Unquote First Post (1.0)
Patches (1.5)
PHP and Template Conditionals (2.0)
PM Menu Counter (1.0.1)
Private Message Log (1.1)
PM to New Users (1.2)
Portal Announcement Cut Off. (1.0)
Profile Views (1.2.1)
Prune old PMs (0.8)
Quick Advanced Editor Plus (2.1.3)
Report Center Plus (1.0)
Report Private Messages (1.0)
Reputation levels (2.1)
Social Sites (0.3.1)
Steam group (2.5)
Strict Username (1.0.0)
Tags (3.0.1)
Thank You/Like System (1.9.11)
Undo Thread Rating (1.1)
View Unread Posts (1.3.0)
Upcoming Events (1.31)
URL Titles (3.1)
Username Change Approval, Limit and History (1.0)
View Groups (1.6)
While you were typing (1.4.2)
Who Referred That Guy? (1.4)
XThreads (1.66)
I'm not sure whether or not a plugin was causing this, but I fixed it by dropping the table from the database.