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Full Version: Threads disapear from forum
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I was trying to copy a forum from one place to another but something went wrong and all threads from that forum are gone, i check the database and they are there, also the id from that forum is listed in the thread, so my question is:

How can i get those threads to be visible again in that forum?

The link to the forum is:

ant the forum in question is another Other Programming Languages, with the same fid as the threads listed in database.

admin panel >> tools & maintenance >> recount & rebuild >> run first two tools & check if it helps
Nothing as changed.
how have you copied the threads from one section to another ?
I did not copy the threads, i copy one forum to another but the threads in this parent forum went away and it did not even copy the forum, I must had make some mistake :-(.
only forum settings are copied from source forum to destination forum. I do not see any possibility of mistake !

anyway, does the source forum has custom permissions ?
would you like to PM me temporary access to forum admin panel to check the issue ..
sent. Thanks
it was a simple mistake.
somehow forum type was set as category and threads were not visible.
changing from category to forum fixes it.
Thank you, you save me. :-).