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Full Version: Custom HTML Emails
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I have made a custom HTML email from a Free template site  But I don't know how to get my website to send it.

This is the files in the HTML email

[Image: gKyoLJb.jpg]
How do I send custom HTML emails? Huh
You need to host those files on your forum server , next you need to compose a mail (Take Gmail as example) in HTML mode (default is text mode). There is a button on most mail providers for switching plain and html mode. paste your index.html code in html mode editor of mail provider and you are done.

Make sure template is responsive else layout may break on different browsers

[Image: 5270c67bbcbd404ead8d1aa7ad7aab6e.png]
Thanks for the help
 I got it working but I done it a bit different

What I done was copy the image to my server, and then went to "Create New Mailing"  then used the code out of the index file in the "Send Mass Mailing: Step 1 - Define the HTML Message" and it worked  Wink
Cheers, No problem. Also keep templates as simple as possible i.e Design