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Full Version: [For Sale] - VectorCore - MyBB material design theme
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[Image: 5yDN8p2.png]

VectoreCore - MyBB 1.8 theme based on material design by google. I have rewrote template structure in order ot fit it for HTML5 markup. Along with that, style switcher (2.0) has been updated to allow style previews in a fly.

- HTML5 layout with responsive support
- 4 predefined styles
- anternative color layout (dark)
- News slider in header
- Profile cards (ajax based)
- random material design image (on profile cards, profile page and sidebar)

- DesktopĀ /
- Responsive

Sold out.
You mean $ 120 ?
Yes (it's a single copy, if it were for multiple it would be 30 bucks).
Xenforo is $ 140 and Burning Board is $ 89.99 . Not sure why the theme is more costly than leading premium software. Your decision always. Respect it.

Update :

Do you mean, you will sell this only to one person ?
I think he selling full code instead of copies.
I thought ooh nice i can buy this theme next tuesday, and now it's sold!!

i thought maybe i could buy the theme aswell Sad
Looks like he is just selling one copy and it has been sold by the looks of things.
Thread can be locked as the theme is sold another individual/entity.
It's sold already (and it sold really fast), it was one copy only (with fully rights, in that case the cost is going to be higher then per copy). @Wazzyl the person who purchased it may look for a way to sell it multiple times (per copy).
--- this thread is closed as it served its purpose ---