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Full Version: Profile Cover Photo Query
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Hi guys, I thought I wouldn't need support, good thing I'm willing to brand my forums because I appreciate your work ^.^ (see forum under general "Disrespect?")
I would like some input on how to place a default link in the form. I.e. if i make it required registration,  how do I have the default avatar there? Refer to this guys guide for how I did this.

I makes it difficult,  you will see what I mean in attachments. 
Ps. Before the site goes live again, I will have Inspired by MyBB Smile
Pics include

Templates> Members> member_profile
Profile of ModBot displaying default (invisible if you will)
(Profile of Admin) to show what a cover photo would look like.
Pic of custom profile field
(global.css) just added, notice i removed some fields? The user profile card (that floats on cover photo) was unreadable with the last two command sets

If someome could resolve my dilemma would be great. Got me noodle scratching all night
Not one solution? Anyone...
Bumped, Electric Shock is going to review this code.
Still unresolved :/
apart from the style code what html code is used for the background picture ?
would you like to PM me temporary access to forum admin panel to check it ..
Yes. I'll have to do it around Monday M, working tonight and tomorrow early so I'm flat out.
I also added a bit of code that Electric Shock sent me but did not work. So I'll also let you know which part that is as well

here is a suggestion, i recently worked on giving a div a background, this means that background is only shown withing the borders of the div, if you for instance were to find the member profile div, and assign it a background in css ( this would need to be before the css for the custom profile background so it can be over written when text is input) this would show a background however when a link is given providing the css is in the correct order the profile background that the user gave you would change, if you can give me the css for the profile background and your member template im sure i could work something up for you
Can try, one sec. Also please not electric shock did the same thing

had to jump on the laptop to copy and paste

.user-details {
background: solid;

.profbg {
background-size: 100% 100%;
background-image: url(/globalforums/images/welcome.png);
border: 1px solid #000000;
border-radius: 3px;
box-shadow: 0px 0px 10px 5px #888888;

previously, the background-image: url did not contain a link, I will post electric shocks comment

" So I'm guessing that your problem is only when someone doesn't specify an image link. I assume there are no problems when an image has been specified?

Well you could always just go to the global.css, find .profbg class and add this:
PHP Code:
background-image: url(insert default link); "
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