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Full Version: modify button
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hey i have like a calendar button and i wish to change it to some other link, i have done it but the button still says calender. Anyway to change it ? 

<li><a href="" class="Donate"><i class="fa fa-calendar-check-o"></i> {$lang->toplinks_donate}</a></li>
Edit: yea

You would need to edit the language file, or comment out {$lang->toplinks_donate} and put your desired text in its place.
edit: delayed response

have you changed it in header_menu_calendar template ? also replace {$lang->toplinks_donate} with Donate
no i havent and im really a beginner in using mybb , so what is the exact thing i should do now ? thanks for speedy response
where have you changed the calendar link ?

admin panel >> Templates & Style >> Templates >> focus templates >> Header Templates >> header_menu_calendar

<li><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/calendar.php" class="calendar"><i class="fa fa-calendar-check-o"></i> {$lang->toplinks_calendar}</a></li>
code similar to above can be replaced with :
<li><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/donate.php" class="donate"><i class="fa-money"></i> Donate</a></li>
alright the button has change its name , i would like it to redirect it to
its not part of mybb its another directory. Another thing you may assist me is where can i look for securi for mybb or something similar to it ? i cannot seem to find it in the plugins around here
You should really invest some time learning HTML functionality

<li><a href="" class="donate"><i class="fa-money"></i> Donate</a></li>