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Full Version: My Forum Can't Update
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please help me, anyone with this error in my forum.

When i change a forum setting it wont update except i refresh my browser.
i don't know why it's like this, because it's a fresh install of MyBB.

so when i change my forum setting or edit a template or something else in my forum it's not change unleash i refresh my browser.

sorry for my english languange.

my forums at  Huh
Firstly you are not alone.
It could be your host issue. Furthermore this can also be your browser. Did you try using another browser and check?

I once had this issue with a major host ( wont take the name to drop sales), contacting support I came to know they configured their backend to work that way.

Hope it helps.
Thanks, i will contact my host first,
And i already use diferent browser and the problem still same.