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Full Version: Possible or not
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I want to run 2 instances of mybb, using 1 database for logins and accounts. Both instances will have different plugins and such.

Would this be harmful or even possible?
Possible; not easy
Hi there.

I've been using MyBB for just a few weeks so I'm not an expert by far, but here what I'd try. Hope it might help you Smile

1 - Create 3 databases. One for each forum (A and B), one for accounts ( C ).
2 - Install both forums and link them to their respective database.
3 - Copy from database A every structure related to accounts, and paste it to database C.
4 - On forum A, create a mysql connexion to database C (See inc/db_* classes for that, I think).
5 - On forum A, locate in code's forum every mysql request relative to accounts, and use the mysql connexion created in 4  for these ones instead of the usual connexion.
6 - Copy any modification you made on forum A to forum B.
Yes, it's possible but don't expect it to be a easy task.
Take a look at:

Be sure to test it on a dev board first (not your production forums) to ensure compatibility with 1.8.
Thanks for all your answers, i know it wont be an easy task but it will make server management alot easier for me (and the machine[s]) in the near future