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Full Version: Big error - Please help, I am clueless
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Please help me solve this error, as it is covering the page and not letting anyone signup or signin. Thank you.

Error message:
How I got it: I just changed the global.lang.php file in order to add some links to the header buttons.
I do not remember doing anything else, I do not have any plug-ins or add-ons nor I changed any templates other than the header template.
Please help me.
Can you post your modified file?
(2016-05-23, 07:42 PM)Euan T Wrote: [ -> ]Can you post your modified file?

I have created a paste using pastebin:

Can you check the encoding on the file (using Notepad++). You need to save it as UTF-8 without BOM. If you're using Windows and made the changes with Notepad, it adds a BOM to the file when you save it, which breaks things.
How exactly can I do that?
(2016-05-24, 02:26 PM)Euan T Wrote: [ -> ]

Thank you so much, you saved my day!
No problem, glad it was an easy fix Smile