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Full Version: Loss of Functunality
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Can someone help me with an explination as to why i seem to have both.. Lost functunality and have toolboxes sticking. (image below)
I first started noticing the toolbits sticking, the Colour section about a month back, then all these other additons to the pile.

 [Image: EditorProblems.png]

So to explain whats going on recently
  • Unable to paste any infromation into text box (Can only acheive this in View Source mode)
  • Insert Image/url ect no longer inserting images/url respectivly.
  • Inline Thread Moderation appears to no longer work - Ticks still show but the Go remains at (0)
Its very conserning as the Board i'm currently running is a community website.

This happens on both Firefox and Crome, as i thought it may be limited to a certain browser, however this is not the case.

The help is appreceated
Thank you,
Please post the link to your site with a test account.
Hello there Ben C, What you have asked for has just been sent in a PM

I look forward to hearing from you.
I haven't heard from Ben in quite-some time, Hopeing their is still help out there.

--Account and link have been removed as issue is resolved--
^ given test user account doesn't has posting privileges to check the referred issue.

basically you have to avoid multiple loading of jQuery scripts (jQuery.min.js is minified version of jQuery.js)

if it is confusing & if direct help required then you may PM me temporary access to forum admin panel.
Apologies for the Lack of privileges.

Assitance would be greatly appreceated .m. You'll find the details in your Message Box.

As per your recomendation, i have remved any multiple instances of jQuery, from HeaderIncludes.

Seems ot have done the trick, i didn't think about that, Thank you.