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Full Version: The number of online users does not apply to Subforums
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I search on the forum a solution to this problem, but did not find one, so I decided to create a theme.
If there is, do not abuse)
In general, there are major forums that have sub-forums.
Near the main forums, shows the number of online, that are currently located in this very forum.
BUT, this amount does not cover sub-forums.
That is, for example:

MAIN FORUM (Viewers: 51)
sub-forum 1
sub-forum 2
sub-forum 3
sub-forum 4

The main forum threads there and there really 51 people present.
But, in the sub-forum 2 is also to 30 people there, and in the sub-forum 4 there is a further 70 people.
How to combine these figures to near the main forum, shows the total number of people online, along with the forum?
Prompt please, what more, the better...

Somebody help?
Somebody help? ??