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Full Version: Internal Error
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So I was trying to advice from this thread regarding the upgrade error:

However, when I was going through that process. It stopped working. I had imported a previous database backup to the new forum database, and it a point. It added another set of tables with a different prefix, so I changed the prefix in the config file then I got that above error. So then going through that process advised, in turn now I have this message:

Quote:MyBB has experienced an internal error and cannot continue.

Error Type:MyBB Error (43)Error Message:The install directory (install/) still exists on your server and is not locked. To access MyBB please either remove this directory or create an empty file in it called 'lock'.

So I put the 'lock' file back in, didn't work. I deleted /install/, didn't work. Help please!
you have to ensure that all files of the new version are uploaded correctly

what is your forum url & which version of MyBB you were using ?
Forum URL:
Using version 1.8.7
Bumping this. Can anyone help me?
not sure how you got tables with a different prefix. database needs to be checked.

do you have database backup of earlier version ? what was the earlier version ?
Nope, it was a database backup of the same version.
see this reply for the current SQL error
^ Unfortunately that thread did not help me. I already tried what was suggested and it did not work.
^ you may PM me temporary access to forum admin panel & web host panel (with access to database)
you can give your own credentials and change them later