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Full Version: Is this Mybb or my hosting messing up?
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So today i go on my forum to manage a few things and I notice it was taking very long for pages to load. Ive never had a problem with it being slow before or anything, it's only been up for a month. I didnt do anything besides keep refreshing to see if it was just that one time but no it's been taking about 2 minuets to load a page, then eventually I came back to see if it was faster but this is all I got... [Image: ERiwMsb.png]

I contacted my hosting support but havent gotten a reply and i litterally havent touched a thing except the refresh button.
Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Big Grin
it is hosting related issue.
(2016-05-26, 04:21 AM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]it is hosting related issue.

Thanks, i'll just wait for support to reply!
Why you should use a free host, that makes many issues... get a better hosting where you can pay small amount of money it's such better.