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Full Version: "Awaiting Activation" in the members moved to group error
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  • Move a member of the group awaiting activation.
  • Log in to Forum and again ask for the activation code ..
  • Click the link sent to your e-mail address ..
  • Activation process does not occur.

mybb_awaitingactivation in the table (type "R") is not added.

[Image: BjXPWLO.png]

[Image: bcYGTbw.png]

[Image: 51MJbui.png]
reported bug is confirmed in MyBB 1.8.7 - Thank You for reporting.
I don't think that's how it's suppposed to work - if a user was activated, why would you require activation from him again?
I also don't think that manually moving someone to the awaiting activation group makes any sense so I'd like to reject this. Any other opinion?