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Full Version: Edit menu drop-down not displaying
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Hi guys,

I'm unable to get the edit post button to drop down the menu where you can quick edit or full edit the post. The edit button directly redirects me to the full edit page.

Test user: demo
Test user password: demo123
Currently MyBB version: 1.8.7
Available post to demonstrate it on:

Button that takes me directly to full edit:
While it is supposed to be as such?

is it MyBB 1.8.x installation or upgraded from MyBB 1.6.x ?

have you deliberately removed loading of MyAlerts javascript file ?
It is a 1.8.x installation.
No, I don't recall doing so. Would that cause the issue? If so, how can I readd it?

^ no, that should not cause the problem. however you can upload missing files of MyAlerts plugin

would you like to PM me temporary access to forum admin panel to check it further
XMLHttp features were disabled. edit popup menu was not functioning due to it.
Thank you .m.
This solved the issue.