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Full Version: Your thoughts on mybb SEO?
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Hi guys,

What are your thoughts on mybb SEO?

We do know there is SEO plugin for mybb.

So my question is, is it important to make use of it? Does it play an important factor for the ranking?

MyBB is poorly optimised for SEO out of the box. That plugin can help your SEO.
(2016-05-31, 09:42 PM)Ashley1 Wrote: [ -> ]MyBB is poorly optimised for SEO out of the box. That plugin can help your SEO.

Thanks Ashley!

Can the SEO plugin cause any damage if used on a live mybb lets say a week old or so?
NO, your site have not been ranked after only one week in the air, and more important than the ranking is getting people read the thread. So with google seo your url will catch more readers, since they already in the url can se the title, and try focusing about content, did I mention content, try focus on content, and not to forget the most important thing is content.........

If the content (hey, there where that word again) is good, the people will read your post, and that's the most important with a site. Google and the other search engines will find you sooner or later, don't use that much thoughts about google, use it on CONTENT. But Google Seo plugin will help, and you should use it.
Google SEO plugin has many configurable options. Yes you can do damage to your site's performance if you configure them wrong. If you want to learn about SEO then read Google's guide to SEO, it's written in layman's terms so easy to follow and understand. Then you will know what you need before choosing plugins. Also the plugin does not address all aspects of SEO. Eg. MyBB does not use h1,h2 tags anywhere, creates a load of soft 404 errors which is bad for the user experience. Structured data is important, especially at the breadcrumbs etc.
One wrong click in settings and boom, your site get's de-indexed from google. Same goes with webmaster tools.

Ontopic: I wonder why MyBB is not seo friendly by default, i would love to see it as core feature. FE: WP,IPB

IPO i have seen some sites using mybb ranking good in search engine without using any seo plugins, its just matter of unique content which attracts google towards MyBB or other websites
The layout is old, but will be updated in the next major release as stated. Much of the current HTML is deprecated.
Did learn on a seminar from google that they are looking at forums a different way then ordinary sites.
Where asking about meta tags, but title would come out more or less the same on forums. The mean thing was content. (and sizes on loading,,css, jquery, pic and so on).
Perhaps the "rules" are different now, but I always think content, title that subscribe the content, and more or less just concentrate making it user friendly, and not thinking that much on search engines.
Thanks everyone for your feedback, gonna get going on this.
The content of the threads is the most important aspect. Google loves to see fresh articles and discussions daily that have a good (but not too much) distribution of your keywords within.

If your forum has a particular niche, this should not be a problem - as your members will likely talk about that topic and it's associated keywords naturally.

A 'general discussion' forum however is unlikely to have any particular keywords and therefore may suffer.