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Hello, here I have a problem I install this addons and I have two problem levels of the players on the server and the status normally there must be a framework and there is none.

[b]Bonjour, voila j'ai un problème j'ai installer cette addons et j'ai deux problème au niveaux des joueurs sur le serveur et du status normalement il doit y avoir un cadre et il n'y en a pas.


[Image: 160601083855571794.png]

I made a relocation to own everything works perfectly.
There's just one problem, offline server alor it currently operates.

J'ai fait une réinstallation au propre tout fonctionne parfaitement.
Il reste juste un probleme, serveur offline alor qu'il fonctionne actuellement.

[Image: 160602110944795044.png]
Have not done this myself with a forum but I'm Bumping.
I'm still having the same problem as before, the servers are marked offline eventhough they're working. I've seen on some topics that it's related to the machine's protection but i can't seem to figure out how to make it work?
It's Teamspeak3 rigth?
up please
Bumped for hakuna038
same problem my server shows as offline, can anyone help?
I will suggest contacting the plugin developer in this case.
Make sure your host and voice servers are allowing connections to one another through the ports.