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Full Version: BBootstrap Dark Theme for MyBB 1.8
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BBootstrap Dark theme for MyBB 1.8 is a fully featured dark and responsive premium theme with lots of features. This theme uses Bootstrap framework.  Some of its features are listed below.

  • Responsive Layout/ Compatible for Mobile Devices.
  • 3 Ready to use Layouts (Fluid, Fluid Sidebar, Fixed width)
  • 10 Ready Color Combination, Unlimited Color Possibilities.
  • Based on Bootstrap Framework, Fontawesome icons.
  • Use of Colorful Bootstrap Buttons, Alert Messages and Tooltips.
  • Sticky Header Navigation with Page Scroll.
  • Seperate Collapsible Mobile Navigation menu.
  • Exclusive 3 Column Footer.
  • Improved forumbit and boardstats.
  • Exclusive Tabbed Profile page.
  • Organized Postbit.
  • New Forum icons and Postbit Icons based on FontAwesome.

Purchase link updated. 20% discount is going on. No Coupon code required.
Nicely done @Anurag , :thumbsup:
Nice theme but why you didnt make some side bar or advertise bar?
(2016-09-11, 03:36 PM)reaver Wrote: [ -> ]Nice theme but why you didnt make some side bar or advertise bar?

I did. I understand my thread is lacking details. Sorry for that, I will update the first post ASAP.

The theme contains a separate XML file, by importing which you get a Sidebar.