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Full Version: Image in forum
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Hello i want when to go to upload photo this forum  :   can you tell me when to go to change when this thread have new post ,when redirect and when closed
Hi bos1 ! I'm sorry to ask but can you please re-word this question? English is my first language and I cannot understand what you are asking.
Look photo bro to my link i want to add photo when admin or some body posted in forum appears photo p.s this forum have new post or when admin closed this thread appears this thread closed from admin Big Grin
I believe I understand only just what you mean. Your issue is not urgent and I will seek a solution tonight. Usually those pics mean whether a forum is read or not etc etc and applies to all users
Agree with izakgewdrick, not easy to understand what you mean, so I'll ask a couple of question.

Do you mean that images now are showing like a link ( and not showing the actual image?
About the end of your question... "forum have new post" and "admin closed" is that not by default?
How to upload photo i want :
Bagger, he means like, those side images to show whether or not you have viewed the forum or whether the forum is closed etc etc. You know those speech bubble looking things? Im assuming by the link he said for me to look at. I literally cannot understand him :/
I have problem language but i have this images but when i update my verison i lost photo and i have one forum to sent why im looking but is down and i not can to sent photo sorry i hope to understand Big Grin
Use .....
Hello there,

The forum you have posted does not have the minimum "Powered by MyBB" notice we require for technical support here. In order for us to give you further support, please add the following code to the footer template of your forum:

Admin CP --> Templates & Style --> *expand your template set* --> Footer Templates --> footer
Powered by <a href="">MyBB</a>

I will close this thread until you have reinstated the Powered By line. Please post in the Private Inquiries forum to ask to have this thread reopened, where you can also raise any questions you have about this policy.

With regards,
MyBB Support Team