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Full Version: replies "stick" together, want to disable it
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I built a new forum days ago, and a few users are helping to test it. We all don't like that, when you click "New Reply" or "Reply" to reply different user's posts, your replies all "stick" together, if there is not another user also did reply in-between.

This seems only happens when your replies are within a certain time duration, say, half an hour. After that, your reply is separated by your own username, even if there is no other user replied in-between.

The reason we don't like it is, if we want something we wrote later to stick to previous post, we can simply Edit the previous post.  Also, it makes all the replies (to different users) crowded together and not really readable.

My question is, how to remove the "time duration" criteria, so that every time when I click "New Reply" or "Reply", it is a completely NEW Reply, independent, not sticking to previous reply or replies.

I appreciate your help!
admin panel >> configuration (Settings) >> Posting >> Post Merge Time --> put 0 (zero) and save settings
very cool! Looks like I need to read and understand all the setting in ACP. Thank you very much!