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Full Version: RSS Feed Redirecting to Home URL
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Hi there,

Loving mybb so far, but I have run into a slight snag. I have tried everything to not bother anyone here at the support forums but this one has me stuck and I have searched high and low for days to figure it out. I know you guys are very busy, and I hate to be a bother. Anyways the problem I am having is that my RSS feed is not getting validated. If you call it up in a browser, everything appears to be in order. Now if you try to use a feed reader like feedly, or feed widget generator then it comes up with errors. Upon using a feed vailadtor, it looks like the syndication file gets redirected to the homepage html for some reason. The board URL is found here, Forum . This is a new install of  MyBB, version 1.8.7. I have included the files with anything to do with syndication.php. Maybe I missed a setting that redirects it for widgets and readers to stop forum leeching, Im not for sure. I have also checked the .htaccess file and there are no redirects that i know of in there.

Thanks for any help you may provide!
Kinda hard for a feed reader to read anything if you have to be logged in before reading a post.........