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Full Version: Mail doesn't send using either PHP Mail or SMTP
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I've read many threads here but didn't find a solution...

So, I have a forum (v.1.8.6) running many years now and after changing hosting provider, MyBB doesn't send any mail whatsoever. It doesn't work neither as a PHP Mail function nor SMTP.

I have two scripts for testing PHP Mail function of the server and SMTP (SSL) sending and both sent mail correctly. I also have a Wordpress installation on the site and sending mail works both ways there (using same settings).

But when trying to send from MyBB, mail stays silent.

System Email Log shows nothing.

Where could be the problem?
Questions, are you hosting your own server or paying for a host? If you are hosting from a virtual machine I can help you out. I spent countless hours trying to figure my mail out but i got it now aha.
I'm paying a host, which is a virtual machine. Any help would be welcome.
(06-15-2016, 05:39 AM)tom762 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm paying a host, which is a virtual machine. Any help would be welcome.

Well I'm not sure how it'll work with another host but I needed to install Windows Live Mail, sign in and setup the SMTP from there. So maybe if you have a desktop just leave WLM open 24/7 and fix the settings up and it'll email everyone for you. Smile
use any free email provider like mailchimp and targethero through SMTP.
I'm using Google apps mail thru SMTP already and it worked normally until now.
Have you seen the docs?