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Full Version: Today's date and clock
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I hope that someone can say where this may have gone. I noticed yesterday that today's post with time and date stamp was gone.

This came up yesterday and it has worked before. It applies to all themes that I have, 4 pieces.

Can anyone tell where I'm going to look for or what to do to get back the thread date and time?
{$lastpost_date} in forumbit_depth2_forum_lastpost
I already have this on all templates.
switch to English language - do they appear ?
In English how it works. I suspect my language then in Swedish that there is something wrong there. But the operational until noon and has worked before.

I have not made any change.

I also put on the now Swedish language but it does not work.

Now I have tried to post about Swedish language again and it's working language packs. But it does not work.

Have checked again all language tables and everything is as it was when the operational.

Need some help what is the missing link.
not sure how they vanished. basically such phrases come from global.lang.php file

see guidance for editing language files
Funny, but updates to the Forum with F5 to show a new time per post. Might lie with the hotel?