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Full Version: Subforum Banners
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I recently deleted my website by accident without backing it up. Well there was this one code I found and put it into the site that I can't remember. Hopefully if I describe it one you can help me.

The code consisted of banner to be place in each section. What I do is I name the banners 1,2,3 etc. Then the code is inserted to pick up these image and place they in the the respected section that they are suppose to go to. Now can anyone figure out what I am say and what I need to be doing. It's been almost a year since I have been back coding in mybb. Thanks.
{$fid} can be used to get forum number on forumdisplay template

you can use image code like below
<img src="path/{$fid}.png" alt="" />
I KNEW IT WAS FID!! I was struggling to figure the code and keep questioning myself wasn't it something that was called FID. Thanks buddy came out and helped me out once again.