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Full Version: editor toolbar issue on my forum
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Hi guys I have the following issue on my forum.
[Image: Captureddde.png]
My members are not able to post anything because of this.
The box that you write the text come first 2 seconds of clicking on "Post Thread" then it disappears.
Then All I see is this list.
Is there any way of fixing this? And what could be the issue?
What theme are you using ?
I think the theme you are using is outdated.
It is called Sirus Skin v2
The owner gave it to me after his website went down.
He used it few months back when it was up and everything worked fine.

nvm fixed!
how you fixed it?
The WYSIWYG Editor has an image pack/theme of its own that needs to be in your MyBB folder for it to display properly, or the skin that is being used needs to be edited and WYSIWYG Editors pack/skin location needs to be added to it.
Here is proof that it is fixed.
[Image: proof.png]