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Full Version: Editing Member Profile
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Hi there,

So I'm having a few issues trying to implement a change within Member Templates > member_profile. When a user signs up for our forum they enter their 'LFS Username' from a custom field we have. The username entered in this custom field is used to display an online status image. I have it working correctly on our Post Bit Templates > postbit_author_user using the following code;

<img src="{$post['fid4']}.gif"></img><br />

I'm trying to use the above code to also display the online status image when someone views a profile. It doesn't appear to be picking up the LFS Username even though the code above works in the post bit.

[Image: Untitled_1.jpg]

Does anyone know why it won't work in the profile but does on post bit? I'm really confused to be honest. 

Thanks in advance.
Try this:

<img src="{$userfields['fid4']}.gif"></img><br />
Thanks, works perfect 

Appreciate the help Smile