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Full Version: How to Disable the the Same Format if you Copy Paste in Threads/Reply?
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Everytime i Copy a "Text" from the Web the format i Paste in our Forum it became same format? How can i dissable it to remove the same format, so i dont need to remove the Text/Color code of what i copy from the web?

Thank you!
Well, i have this issue on Firefox, since Shift+Ctrl+V opens the AdBlock Plus app.
In Chrome, i can use the same shortcut and work.

But, in that case, in Firefox, i just brings up the code editing in post and all done.
If you paste it into the source mode of the editor it will remove the formatting, otherwise first paste into a notepad file, and then copy and paste again.
After you paste, there is a option in mybb editor to "remove formatting" just click it while selecting the whole copied text Smile