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Full Version: New Rev.Sharing Webmaster Forums!
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Come join!

We are a revenue sharing forum that gives all of the revenue to our members, 100% of all the revenue from the forums go to our members and those that are active more, get more chances of getting more revenue.

We have a great system starting up for our new Marketplace, and we will even be having a various amount of Contests to help keep the forum interactive and more fun then the rest. We will also keep the forums to a professional level by not letting it get out of control.

We will be incorperating soon the idea of having a Live Auction for all items, Websites, Domains and more.. anything will be able to be sold.

We hope that you find interest in Web Dev Talk, and come and join in on the webmaster discussions!
Nice looking website, Zalaki! I like the orange. Thanks for sharing!
No prob.. its new but its growin Big Grin

got postbit dropdown menus on it, and rev sharing to Big Grin.. I love it
The MyBB copyright is rather hard to see, and I don't think the MyBB team would look upon that happily.. I recommend a darker text color for it.