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Full Version: Second forum test environment Synology
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Good day!

I have set up a second forum local on my synology to do testing with other themes.
Now I have a new basic forum. I want to backup my Live forum and restore it in the test environment.

Is this correct thinking?: Backup my working config file from the test forum, restore the whole database from my live forum into my database of the test environment and manually put back the "old" config file.

Or am I missing something here?

Everything is correct except, just copy database configuration from your old config file.
Rest information is not required.
Ok, great, tanks!

(06-29-2016, 09:39 AM)crunch81 Wrote: [ -> ]Ok, great, tanks!

Did all that, it is not working....

I copied the whole original database to the test environment, Changed the config file Database name, Server, username and password and get the error: 
SQL Error:
2002 - php_network_getaddresses: gethostbyname failed. errno=0
[READ] Unable to connect to MySQL server

Does somebody now what's going wrong?
Is your database server correct ?
Just confirm with your host because as far as I can see, MyBB is not able to connect to MySQL server.
Also see that database is uploaded and prefix is correct.
Yes, I know for sure that it's correct.

It is a local mysql, with name localhost
the username is root and the password is empty

I noticed that the live forum is running a 7.X version php, and my local forum is running 5.X version.
Can this be a problem?
Why is username root and password empty? O.o in my experience, this is where yoh place the username and password created before you create your db. I believe that to be your problem... if I am mistaken, someone else correct me.
Thanks guys for your reply's, The password problem is solved, I don't know what I did.

I now have the problem that I can login to the ACP. But when I login to the forum and go the a thread I will get a 404 error, I think this is because my test forum has got an extra tree (sorry guys, bad english), I mean it is not in the root but has a extra folder, does anybody know in which file to change it and in which section?

This is not working, I"ll be making a new thread with a new subject.
thread may be closed if the mod wants.