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Full Version: [F] Moving threads count
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For example, I moved 3 threads to another forum. It is showed 1 threads every moving. Counters isn't true when I moved 2 or higher threads.

I hope I can explain the bug.
Confirmed with inline thread moderation.

Also, if you try to move a thread with unapproved posts, the unapproved post count doesn't move to the new forum. - fixed that.
Can you try using this inc/class_moderation.php file and see if it fixes your problem (and hopefully doesn't cause other problems Wink)?
I havent unapproved post.

I moved 3 (or higher) threads but it is counted 1 thread.

I'm trying your attached file but I had an error when I was try to move threads.

array(1) { [68]=>  array(3) { ["posts"]=>  int(107) ["unapprovedposts"]=>  int(0) ["threads"]=>  int(1) } } array(1) { [68]=>  array(3) { ["posts"]=>  int(110) ["unapprovedposts"]=>  int(0) ["threads"]=>  int(2) } }
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/xxxx/public_html/forum/inc/class_moderation.php:1159) in /home/xxxx/public_html/forum/inc/functions.php on line 567
thats not an error, its debugging
Were the counts correct though?
Well from my tests it's working, so I'll mark it as fixed.
This bug has been fixed in the latest code.

Please note the latest code is not live on the site or for download. An update will be released which contains this fix.