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Please i need help in my forum site pls.

When i post to my forum and reply to the post, it will redirect me to the last post. please how can i solve this pls. My members are complaining about it.

Please i need a serious help that solve this mess.


Please help is needed.
^ what is your forum url & which theme you are using ?
when we reply to a thread redirect should be to our own post which is last post of the thread.
instead, do you want it redirect to the starting post of the thread ?

Am using apart leaf green theme

Please i need help

I want it to show at least 10 t0 15 of the reply before nexting

pls just copy the url and paste in ur browser to view the site
forum admin panel >> configuration (Settings) >> Show Thread Options >> Usenet Style Thread View
--> select No and save the settings

user control panel also has related option
user control panel >> edit options >> Thread View Options --> Thread View Mode
--> select Linear Mode and update your options

see also related guidance
Thanks sir. and pls how can i set that linear as default selection for new uses?
^ that is done by changing the setting at forum admin panel

in general, users do not select the threaded mode.
if you want to enforce the linear mode then use this guidance
Thanks sir. i have done that. please i need a working plugin for thread close and reason of closing it and at the same time i also need working plugin to show my recent post in index page. thanks alot
You can use this for recent post in index page . Read the instruction carefully .
When my users login to my forum successfully, it will still show them login and register, unless you refreshing the page that when you will know that you have login successfully, Please how can i resolve this issue. I want whenever they login it will redirect them to there user panel. Please

I need help
basically you have to remove apart leaf theme & use theme coded for MyBB 1.8.x
MyBB's default (Stock) theme can be used with green color if required
(change base color at the theme properties)
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