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Full Version: FORUM RULES
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Please sirs, how can i add forum rules on my forum to let my users understand the type of contents they are to post to avoid account ban.

Please i need help that.

forum rules and regulation for mybb version 1.8.7

You can post a topic/announcement with all of the rules listed so the members know what they are.
You can add rules on a per-forum basis in the ACP, are you talking about global rules somewhere?
Please i also need thread close and reason for my mybb forum. Please
What do you mean?
In my Forum,

I just added a LEGAL SECTION in the Help Documents.
- There is a Legal Info there;
- The Rules;
- Privacy Declaration.

And you can use a Announcement to link there.
I think this can solve the problem...
Please thread closed and reason of closing.

Please i need the plugin and tutorial
To close your thread simply select the thread in your thread listing then look for inline moderation and perform your action.