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Full Version: Where can I find {$first_post}?
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I am trying to get XThreads to show custom fields within the thread content itself rather than separately. According to the showthreads template, it adds it before {$first_post}, however I would like to put it in {$first_post} - trouble is I cannot find any template for a first post - where may I find or otherwise edit just the first post, or is this not possible at all? Thanks!
There's no variable {$first_post} anywhere in the default theme.
(07-06-2016, 07:48 PM)Ashley1 Wrote: [ -> ]There's no variable {$first_post} anywhere in the default theme.

It's used by Xthreads. @OP add a new template called postbit_first or postbit_classic_first (if you are using classic postbit). After that {$first_post} variable will use *_first template.