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Full Version: Hidden Background Music
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I've googled a lot about this and It didn't work in any case, However I want an background music & flash & mp3 player (which is hidden) in specific pages. I can add one to the homepage but I want something different than that. Help me please.
Which pages do you want to add ?
You can actually add music and sounds to any page by editing their templates.
Check it.
It is perfect.
You can set hidden manual or continue music or visible music.
Add code from below website to your Header Template.

You have to just change different music file to desire page through templates
Well page is goes with .php and usual codes aren't working.
Please don't; autoplaying media is a bad idea.
(2016-07-18, 01:02 PM)Glunar Wrote: [ -> ]Well page is goes with .php and usual codes aren't working.

Which page in particular you want to add it ?