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Full Version: Problem with posting with Korean
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I'm running a little community with MyBB. After upgrading MyBB with 1.8x, we have a problem with texting Korean.

한글로 ㅡㄹ을 쓰는 ㅔ 별 문제가 없었어요 (ㄱ and ㄷ missed)

Like this, a space bar or backspace makes a problem, they delete one or two character of Korean. And the funny thing is, there's no problem with quick replying, it's not working with a new thread.

You guys have any idea of this 2 bytes character issue? Please let me know. Thanks.
Not very familiar with this sort of problem since I usually use english.

But it might be the database, i know that some characters in korean is incompatible in the UTF-8 typeset.