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Full Version: Where do i find this icon?
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Where can i find this image so i can change it to white in photoshop?

It will be inside you theme folder in FTP with the name forum_icon_sprite.png
Example -

font awesome icons are used through global.css stylesheet of the theme
.forum_on {
color: #3e3e3e;

.forum_off, .forum_offlock, .forum_offlink {
color: #333;

.forum_off i {
opacity: .4;

color & opacity can be changed as required
See the forumbit_depth2_forumforumbit_depth2_cat templates in ACP, under the theme's templateset -> forumbit templates.

Look for this:

<i class="fa fa-gamepad"></i>

Also see this tutorial on how to change them:
Ah so i can't change the color of it to white then?
Quote:color & opacity can be changed as required
(color codes | css opacity)
Is it not white already on that black background? In any case you can change the colour to anything you like

<i style="color:#fff" class="fa fa-gamepad"></i>
ah ha! Thanks a lot Ashley.