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Full Version: Way to get Birthday on registration page?
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Is there anyway to get the Birthday requirement on the registration page? There's no birthday option on registration for myBB on default. Using 1.87

Thanks a lot.
(2016-07-29, 10:23 AM)MrBrechreiz Wrote: [ -> ]Use this plugin ->

Thanks I have it set up correctly now.

I can't find where to edit it to disallow certain ages though? Can you help me with that? Where do I go to edit it.
ACP->Configuration->Date of Birth on Registration Settings
(2016-07-29, 07:24 PM)MrBrechreiz Wrote: [ -> ]ACP->Configuration->Date of Birth on Registration Settings

I checked, no DoB option on there.
see attachment
(2016-07-29, 08:53 PM)MrBrechreiz Wrote: [ -> ]see attachment

Thanks so much, worked great.