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Full Version: A Shout-out In Praise Of MyBB In General, And To The Staff Members In Particular
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In particular: Two people I had in mind to be a singled out for their great volunteer achievements here on these MyBB Support Forums - two members have been an enormous help to me in setting up my "MyBB" Conspiracy Forums. Without them I could never have succeeded. 

In general: These support Forums are extremely helpful to all parties who come for 'aid + assistance.' They offer help immediatly and without hesitation and for that I/we are very grateful indeed. There's no other such place that could even hold a candle to the goings on here @ MyBB. AGAIN .......THANK YOU ......VZ

PS I hope I didn't embarrass anyone Smile
let me Thank You for the kind words.
this topic is closed as further posts might not be required.
Thank you on behalf of the whole team, it's nice to hear that our efforts are appreciated and we will continue to build a fantastic forum software for you to use.