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Full Version: HTTP 500
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When ever I try and save permissions, I get an http 500 error, the setting are save sometimes but I don't know what the issue is.

My plugin list.
Board Announcements Manager (1.0)
Allows you to create and manage announcements in your forum header.

TJs Dice Roll Plugin (1.1)

MyBB GoMobile (1.3.2)
The free mobile MyBB solution.

Many New Posts (2.0.2)
This plugin counts how many new posts have been made after the thread had been view by user.

Report Private Messages (1.0.1)
Allows users to report Private Messages if they are spam/abuse etc.

Staff Hierarchy Permissions (2.2)
Restricts the default permissions further by adding a staff hierarchy.

UA Plugins - Messages (1)
UA Messages sents ALERTS to people who got Qu
Can you check your sever error logs to see if it says anything about what's going on? A 500 error is a very generic error unfortunately.
Where are the logs located, I can't seem to find where the forums is outputting them
Apache error log location:

A typical location for all log files is 
 and subdirectories. Try 
If the logs aren't there, try running 
locate access.log


Where xampp is your installation folder



really not liking how my error log is 17 megs. That is only a small part of it.
That's your access log, removed as was exposing user IPs Smile

Your error log should be in a similar place, though.
Mybb doesn't seem to be putting the 500 http error into the log. just a bunch of stuff from the ua plugin and my wiki, I clear out the log, and uninstalled the UA plugin. repeated the steps in permissions and produced the error 500 http multiple times but zero output into the error.log.
Try disabling all plugins and retry.
Then enable each plugin 1 at a time.

If it comes back, you can narrow down your issue. Smile
Even with all plugin's uninstalled and deactivated still get that 500 error when saving in forums management and permissions.
You could always check with your host. 500 is a server issue and if you are on shared hosting they should have a pretty good idea what it is.
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