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Full Version: Image help
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Hello Staffs 

I am using netpen as my theme but not sure how fix pictures with the background when try added it piture with logo and background it fail. I'm not sure what the pixel size for it. Is there way to fix so picture fits in it without any miss outlines.

here my
this is your background address

the pixel size
1350 x 370

netpen header
1600 x 162

366 x 115
yes do you know how to get it fix so it doesn't go out line like picture I show you with the link this what my friends look like

My friends:

his it perfect but my is outline and yes that pixel size but is there way to fix my. I'm not sure how to.
save your friends images
and check his pixel size

your friends forum url?

He said he doesn't know he had developer set up for him. I'm not sure how to.
your friends logo (530x341)

background (308x308)

check your themes (images)

logo and background is diferent files (logo.png and nav-bg-dark.png)

in your forum --> you make 1 files (logo.png)
which one logo and which one theme

background seem to small 308x308 way I see it is big

ah I see I got it fix thank you so much Smile
your background images 1350x370
i think you must change 370 to 308 (like your friends)

visit NetPen Theme support to get better answer