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Full Version: Show subject when user make reply
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Any one help me to show subject when user make reply.

Here is the issue. A user create a image set collection thread and every time when he make reply image set details changed and he enters the image set details in subject and make reply but after reply he can't see the image set name in replied area but when he click on Full edit he see the added subject.

Thanks in advance.

No one or is there is any type of understanding issue.

No one or is there is any type of understanding issue.

Any one can help me on this issue or any issue with understanding. I need this option

can we have test URL with a test user account. also post related screenshot(s)
the subject of the topic should be already visible when a user replies.

[Note: I might not check back right now as electric power is not stable for me]
Thanks M

I think that there is some understanding issue what I want. That's why I created another thread.

I want post subject shows in every reply. In this reply I changed the post subject with this (I Changed The Subject) but its not showing at top in reply. Post subject is showing when I click Edit and Full Edit option

In vBulletin it shows perfectly.

Check the attached image. Its a collection thread created by an user in vBulletin and you can see Collection thread title and when he make reply he changed the subject and in post area subject is showing.


you can add {$post['subject_title']} in postbit_posturl template at the beginning

see if required => templates guidance ; see also this related topic
Thanks it works. Is it possible to color the text with green and background with black.
^ you can change suggested code like below
<span style="color: green; background: black; padding: 2px;">{$post['subject_title']}</span>
Great. Is it possible to move time in center. I tried but can't able to do that. Currently it is showing

Subject 07-31-2016, 11:10 AM