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Full Version: Get a specific image.
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Hello lads.

I have been trying to design my own portal recently. Actually re design the default mybb portal but now I have come to dead end. The thing is I want to fetch the first image from a post and display it on the portal. Now since I'm particularly new to MyBB I don't know how to do that. If someone would be kind enough to help then I'd really appreciate it Big Grin

Cheers and regards Smile
Attachment image or [img]....[/img] image?
Noo. You don't get it. I want to fetch the first image that I posted in a topic to my portal design, Is there any variable for that?
Pretty sure there's not. You're going to have to construct a query and write some code for that.
You would need to create something that could pull the data from an SQL or such and emit everything but [img][/img]

I don't BELIEVE that there is a variable or such that would do what you're after.
Okay thats pretty sad. Is anyone willing to help me with making this query? I really need this.

Bump. Guys really need this..