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Full Version: Search Is not working as I want
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Search is not working as I want

Examle - Thread Title is - Sofia - Set 31 - 200 Pics

I want this thread show only when I use search. So I put below details

Search by Keyword - Sofia 31
search titles only

And it shows every thread or sets where search founds sofia

I want only Sofia 31

How can it be possible.
MySQL full text search has a limit of 3 characters per search term, anything less than this gets ignored. Think if you just searched for "a" or something. I think this is a setting you can change in MySQL, but unless you're on a VPS or dedicated server you won't be able to change it. I'm not sure if searching with quotes, i.e. "Sofia 31" will work, but it'll probably be the same.
How can I change setting in MySQL. I tried with "Sofia 31" and message came - Sorry, but no results were returned using the query information you provided. Please redefine your search terms and try again. Forum is on Dedicated Server
I don't want to give too many in-depth instructions as it's not something I've had to change before and is beyond the scope of our support, however these docs should be what you need to read over:
I don't understand anything with the given link. But I am assure that any other staff member can solve my issue.
Is your server managed? If you're running a dedicated server it'd be beneficial to learn how to change configs at least. We're not sysadmins so if I tell you how to do something on your server and it screws it up, you're gonna be annoyed and blame me. If you don't know how to do it I'd suggest asking the support engineers at your hosting provider.
Thanks Matt. Mainly will you tell what I have to ask with my system admin.

I am not going to blame you. Because I don't do anything where I am confused.
You'll need to ask them to change the ft_min_word_len setting in MySQL to 2, restart the MySQL server, and rebuild the indexes. After that it should (hopefully) include "31" in searches.
I asked and my server admin change but still I can't get result.

Please guide me.

I run Optimize Database and it looks like problem solved. Now I am getting exact result.

But I am still facing the issue when user create a mega thread it gives no result. Example

One user created a mega thread - Brazilia Collection and in his all reply he added the set title - Brazilia 015, Brazilia 016, Brazilia 017 but when I tried to found Brazilia 017 it gives no result.

I don't know what a "mega thread" is but the best thing to do would be to run a MySQL query either in phpMyAdmin or directly in the MySQL console:

select * from mybb_posts where MATCH(message) AGAINST('Brazilia 017' IN BOOLEAN MODE)

If this doesn't find anything, then it's still a MySQL issue and you'll need to ask your server support again.
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