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Full Version: Portal Design
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Guys I have completely re designed my portal page but now what I want to do is add a different design for each announcment/thread. In the portal_announcments template you can only add one and it will be applied to all. So how can I add different style to different thread? Is that even possible in MyBB?

Cheers and regards.

Hello? Anyone? I still need help on this
i didn't realy understand what you are trying to do,
mabey you can bring image for demonstration.
Okay you know in the default MyBB portal there is a thing called as "announcements" it fetches topics from a specific forum and displays them. I re did the whole announcement part and it works just absolutely fine. However now I want each announcement to have a style of its own rather than all of them having the same style. Is that possible? I made the markup in portal_announcment and right now it uses the same markup for every thread. What I want is a different markup/style for each thread/announcment.