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Full Version: Webiste has lost styling, now just plain text
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Hi guys, i was working on my forum, and i went to click a link to a different page on the forum, and it shows up a plain text, then, when i went back to the homepage, it was plain text too! I then went and uninstalled all of the themes, leaving the only default theme, now when i go there, there is still just only text, not formatted.
This is a new install, never upgraded it,
urls are or you can use
take a look around, if you need an account to log in to look around, let me know. 
If you need any more info, jsut let me know! Thanks guys!
i cant see any problem only that you missing alot of images, which page you entred?
I inculded a pic of the problem,
weard it's look fine to me, and im using chrome to.
you can try clean Browsing Data, or hard refresh cause i think that the problem is not in the board,
but im not proffesinal im just trying to help, you try wait to licene to other people.

btw, i love Roman Atwood i didn't miss any vlog.
Alright well thank you very much.