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Full Version: MyBB 'Cache' issue, css image stuck at cache
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I'm trying to put my background image inside my .input box, but it becomes overriden by a "user agent stylesheet".

What it's suppose to look like:
What it look like through MyBB:

What the .css show:

Can anyone help me resolve this issue?
take out the inlined css from your templates?
Your user agent stylesheet is just the default CSS applied by your actual browser, however in this case, you can see your background-image attribute is crossed out, which more than likely means the path is incorrect and no image exists at that URL.
I have the correct directory, but it seems like the site itself is trying to load from cache instead of the actual file I put inside my css.

Here's what the css look like for the .input.

Strange right?

It's ignoring what I put in the css, look at the url.
Because the CSS path you've got starts with "images", but the file is being served from within the ./cache/themes folder. What's the image directory you've got set for the theme?
That's strange. It's showing the right images for all the other css except this one. All the black and blue color are actually images and set up in the same directory. I didn't realized I'm suppose to make an image folder specifically for that theme.

I dump all my images into the

MyBB/images/ folder.

This is the theme's directory:

Figured it out, I just did a fresh theme and reimport everything I needed. Solved! Thanks for helping me out!